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Guided Theme Tours

The Solar Garden - Guided tours and experiential education

we offer education to the wider public about how to run a sustainable and environmental friendly way of life, and promote the use of eco friendly products and solutions - with special emphasis on solar energy.

Address: Binyamina - Mt. Carmel region

Vered HaGalil farm - Activities, Accommodation & Guided Tours

The Vered HaGalil farm offers guest accommodations in rooms constructed of wood and the local basalt stone, horseback riding on mountain trails, and a country-style restaurant. Workers at all the branches of this farm (restaurant, horseback riding, housekeeping) include both Arabs and Jews. There is a citrus fruit orchard and a grove of olive trees

Address: Rosh Pina, Upper Galilee

Aya Natural Ltd - Gguided tours, Tourist center

Aya-Natural is a manufacturing company dedicated to develop biodegradable natural-soaps and natural body care products without petrochemicals ingredients by using vegetable oils while Galilee olive oil is the carrier oil. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work

Address: Beit Gan - Western Galilee

Kutin Eco farm - Organic farm

Ecological orchard, fruit winery, home made comfitures, pickled olives and olive oil, made by natural ways. Orchard’s guided tour, explanations, presentations and tasting. Enjoyment experience of olives picking and pickling, and also home made fruit wine. We avoid using chemicals. We introduce the ecological methods and show the it possible grow fruit without chemicals. We present 35 kinds of fruit’s trees among it an famous exotic fruit.

Address: Moshav Shdemot Dvora - Lower Galilee

Nuriel Fruit & Guest house – cabins, guided tours and agro activity

10 guest units beside our peach and plum plantation, surrounded by mountains and near creaks and lakes. We have ISO standard agriculture, including the use of biological pesticides. We insist on minimal waste and energy consumption, recycling and composting of organic waste for our garden. We take our guests for tours in the area, while emphasizing localization and preservation.

Address: Shaar Yeshuv – Upper Galilee

Bio-Tour- Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu - Eco Farm & Guided tours

How many times have you heard the phrase "organic farming" without really understanding what it means or what it entails? How about "biological pest control"? What do owls and organic vegetables have in common? How do donkeys play a part in organic farming? Predatory insects – should we be afraid? How do sterile flies protect the environment, and what do bumble-bees do? One visit to Bio-Tour Sde Eliyahu, and you will know the answers to all of the above – and more! On your next trip to Northern Israel, make your first stop – Bio-Tour Sde Eliyahu!! 

Address: Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu - Beit Shean Vally

Yesh Me'ain- Eco-educational farm 

since we are a permaculture farm every aspect of our living is practical sustainability: recycle, compost, reuse, barter and exchange, grey water, organic gardening and eco-building are the subjects of our courses, workshops and tours.

Address:  Moshave Nahalal - Izrael Valley

Abundance Grove - Holistic activity, guided tours and camping  

This is a Center for Ecologic insights, a magical and special way to nature. The place located in the slopes of the Carmel mountain north of Zichron Yaakov right near Kerem Maharal. There is natural bower, old oak trees, orchard, natural pool, old wine press, ecologic toilets, shower in the thicket, a place to cook, organic olive grove and a place for group openwork

Address:  Cerem Maharal - Mt. Carmel

Hava and Adam  Farming Experience, Holistic activities & more

Hava & Adam Ecological farm in Modiin holds a  vision to create a living model of sustainable life and education. Working with children and adults, in the farm and outside of it. Courses, workshops, summer camps, activities in schools and much more.. A demonstration of traditional and modern ecological building. Community gardening, preserving and fostering natural hills and creating special events for the communityRenewable energies, wise saving water systems and waste treatment and more.

Address: Modiim - Shfelat-Yehuda

Bustan - Guided tours

BUSTAN is a partnership of Jewish and Arab eco-builders, architects, academics, and farmers promoting social and environmental justice in Israel/Palestine. BUSTAN cultivates sustainable models to effect change by combining advocacy and in-depth political analysis with strategic action. BUSTAN utilizes the principles of permaculture and non-violent direct action across ethnic divides

Address: All Negev 

Glass Art Museum  -  Act & Crafts

The only museum in Israel that represents the glass art. More than 20 glass artists show their works in a 1600 mr.sq building in the main hall. The works of Gideon fridman who creats in recycled glass. The visitors in the museum see a short movie on the artists life and explorers the museum in a guided tour. 

Address: Arad - Judean Desert & Dead Sea

Matnat Midbar- ecological-tourist farm

Matnat Midbar (in Hebrew: desert gift), is an ecological-tourist farm, which offers vegetarian meals, guest cabins, tent hosting and guided tours for groups.
Address: Halutza - Central Negev

Zimmerbus - Guided Tours Rrestaurant and Aaccommodation

The Zimmerbus are a series of three different types of buses that were recycled into the most amazing environmental friendly zimmers for guests. They are situated in the midst of the most unique village in the Israeli Negev the village of Ezuz
Address Mitzpe Ezuz- Central Negev

Desert Embroidery- Art & Craft, Guided Tours

The Women create hand made traditional pieces of embroidery and use the traditional skills and long lasting materials. We have a visitor center and a large traditional tent to host individuals and groups. We operate a mobile library in the villages and a nursery for children of working mothers.

Address- Lakia - Central Negev

NATURESCENT Y.S LTD- Organic Body Care & Guided Tours

A factory that produces Natural & Organic Body Care & Soaps. At the factory shop we give explanations about Natural production, the ingredients, the difference from the common synthetic industry & how to read a label. All our employees are local. At our yard you can see the experimental herb garden.

Address- Mitzpe Ramon - Central Negev

Green Point - Ecological Garden &Guest Houses

GREEN POINT ecological garden project, which was founded in Nir Oz By Mr. Ran Pauker is a leading project which turn shade less desert into an “Ecological sound water-wise oasis”. Along with the garden you can find country style guest housing fully furnished and welcoming place.

Address: Kibutz Nir oz Ezuz - Western Negev

Land of Galilee - Home stay, trips & ecological activities

we offer special eco tours (also for pilgrims) by foot, bicycles or horses, to the lower Galilee including home stay in local families with home made food. We also offer ecological activities, such as organic gardening & mud/adobe building.

Address - Kfar Kish - Lower Galilee

Ras Hashita- Accommodation, guided tours and activities

The touristic complex, which puts special attention to nature preservation, is composed of two sites offering accommodation and authentic dessert experience. The sites are designed and built in an (ecologic-integrated approach with the desert. We offer accommodation in rooms and huts, as well as a large variety of tours, guidance, and body & mind workshops.

Address- Moshav Hatzeva - Arava


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