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Definition and goals of Ecotourism

'Ecotourism' has no world-wide accepted definition, however, the one of the 'The International Ecotourism Society' (TIES), from 1990, is the most commonly used: "responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people". 

According to its definition, ecotourism's goals are:

1)      Conservation of natural and cultural resources

2)      Improvement of local community welfare (economically and culturally)

3)      Empowerment and enrichment of tourist's experience

4)      Economical and business profitability

Our mission

To turn the Israeli tourism industry into a lever and an engine for natural and cultural resources conservation, and community economical and cultural empowerment, by advertising, guiding, training, financial supporting, certifying, etc, local tour operators and stakeholders.


Our services

In order to accomplish our mission, we offer the following services in the field of ecotourism and sustainable tourism planning, to a wide range of stakeholders: tour operators, managers of protected areas, governmental agencies, local authorities, residents, entrepreneurs, etc.  


  •        Lectures, workshops, courses and seminars

  •        Conceptual, strategic and landscape planning

  •        Research and survey 

  •        Guided tours in Israel and abroad

We design and adjust our services to the costumers' desires and needs.


About the Portal & Center establishers

Michal Wimmer-Luria (C.V.) MSc in Environmental Management. Involved in and promoting projects in ecotourism, tourism and visitor management planning in protected areas.


Eyal Goldman (C.V.) MBA, entrepreneur and manager of businesses development in Global Venture company, which specialize in establishing and developing business initiatives.


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