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Lectures, workshops, courses and seminars

We offer Lectures, workshops, courses and seminars in a variety of topics:

  • Introduction to Ecotourism

  • Tourism planning in Protected Areas

  • Visitors Management in Protected Areas

  •  Ecotourism site planning

    •  Conceptual planning

    •  Physical planning (structure and landscape)

These guiding activities are useful to a wide range of stakeholders: tour operators, managers of protected areas, governmental agencies, tourism associations, tourism agents, local authorities, research and education institutes, NGOs, residents, entrepreneurs, and more.  

For each guiding activity, content and instruction methods are designed according to customer's needs and desires.

Conceptual, strategic and landscape planning

We offer plans' preparation in the following categories:

  • ·Conceptual planning of tourism destination and sites

  • ·Tourism & Visitors Management planning in Protected Areas

  • ·Tourism policy and strategy planning

  • ·Physical planning (structure and landscape)

In addition, we offer consultancy and private guidance to planning processes.


Research and survey 

Examples to possible research topics:

  • Inventory of existing cultural and natural resources and their potential for tourism

  • Current and potential impacts of tourism on local natural and cultural resources and community's life

  • Visitors profile (requirements & desires) in natural and cultural sites

  • Assessment and determination of Limits of Acceptable change (LAC) for natural and cultural resources that are subjected to

tourism impacts.


Guided tours in Israel and abroad

We offer excursions in Israel and abroad in the fields of Ecotourism, Tourism and Visitors planning, for professionals and the wider public. Excursions tracks will be determined according to customers' request and sites conditions.   

For more details and reservation, please contact us: info@ecotourism-israel.com, 054-9989922

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