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Mizpe-Hayamim - Hotel & Spa

On the eastern slopes of Mount Canaan, overlooking the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee from an altitude of 570 meters, the Mizpe Hayamim hotel and spa covers an area of 37 acres of fruit groves and walking paths

Address: Rosh Pina - Upper Galilee

Hasharon Hotel - Accommodation & Guided tours  

The Sharon hotel is a business and resort hotel that has became a green hotel. It recycles glass, plastic, paper and all other kinds of waste. The hotel reduces the consumption of water by using special devices. The hotel saves energy in many ways by having an automatic controlling system of electricity in guest rooms also uses special energy conserving bulbs. We use environmentally friendly washing products and encourage our guests to assist in the conservation process by re-cycling their towels and laundry.

Address: Herzelia - The coast & Tel Aviv

Yad Hashmona - Hotel & Biblical Park

At the heart of the Judean Mountains, surrounded with spectacular view, our pastoral Guest House all built with Finnish wood, is located. On the premises you can visit our beautiful reconstructed Biblical Village, our unique restaurant and an accustic hall for special events.  All these and more are blended harmoniously with the surrounding greenery and the amplitude of development. Wild plants and vegetation meet the eye all around, giving the sense of being a part of the roots of the Holy Land

Address: Abu Gosh- Jerusalem Area

Lot Hotel - accommodation

Lot SPA Hotel, 199 rooms, large and modern SPA. The hotel is known for it’s excellent food, beautiful gardens and friendly atmosphere.


Address: Ein Bokek Dead See


Vered HaGalil farm - Activities, Accommodation & Guided Tours

The Vered HaGalil farm offers guest accommodations in rooms constructed of wood and the local basalt stone, horseback riding on mountain trails, and a country-style restaurant. Workers at all the branches of this farm (restaurant, horseback riding, housekeeping) include both Arabs and Jews. There is a citrus fruit orchard and a grove of olive trees

Address: Rosh Pina, Upper Galilee

HooHa Cyclists House - Hotel & Cyclist Services

Situated in the northern part of Israel - in the Galilee region, about 20km from Lake Kinneret and Tiberias, you will find a charming and unique bed and breakfast designed especially for cyclists called: HooHa Cyclists' House

Address: Kfar Tavor -Lower Galilee

Fauzi Azar Inn - Guest House

The Fauzi Azar Inn is the best starting-off point for touring the Galilee & Nazareth. The Inn is a 200 years Arab Mansion located at the heart of the market quarters of Nazareth, a short distance from the Central Bus Station and the Basilica of the Annunciation.

Address: Fauzi Azar Inn Nazareth -Upper Galilee

Guest Houses & Cabins

Cabins in the mist - Guest House

We have 9 cabins all wooden suites for 2-8 persons each. 2 cabins are located in cherry orchard, isolated on the mountain said.Homemade breakfast, gourmet meal & Alternative massage are only part of the service that optional to the cabins guest.

Address :Nimron - Golan Heights

Air & Atmosphere - Guest House

3 Cabins Located in Had Nes, in an organic garden, where plants are watered according to their need. All the organic waste goes over compotation process and goes back to the garden as fertilizer. Tha plastic, paper, carton and glass are being separate and send for recycling. All guests can get information about treks and hikes in the near by area. They plan to build a grey water recycle system and to replace all light bulbs with economical ones

Address:Had-Nes - Golan Heights

Nuriel Fruit & Guest house – cabins, guided tours and agrotourism

10 guest units beside our peach and plum plantation, surrounded by mountains and near creaks and lakes. We have ISO standard agriculture, including the use of biological pesticides. We insist on minimal waste and energy consumption, recycling and composting of organic waste for our garden. We take our guests for tours in the area, while emphasizing localization and preservation.

Address: Shaar Yeshuv – Upper Galilee

Galia In Metula - Accommodation

Vacation in the center of Metula Where a tourist resort and a special experience await you and there is cool, pleasant weather most days of the year. Hosting includes a rich homemade breakfast, which is served in the dining room and includes a selection of cheeses, salads, wines and jams made of orchard fruits and more

Address: Metula - Upper Galilee

Ziva & Abraham Schnabel - Accommodation

In a beautifull peace of heaven in the north of israel, between the Banyas and Dan rivers we located our 5 cabins. (3 for families and 2 studios for couples). The water from the bathroom and the kitchen purified and goes to our garden. we provide our guests organic meals from our Vegtable garden, goats pen and chicken coop. our farm is running according to the permaculture way, we make com[ost, recyceling and won, this second year, the award for the ecotourism in the north of Israel.

Address: Shaar Hayeshuv - Upper Galilee

Karaso b&b country lodging - country lodging

5 b & b country lodging apartments with self cooking facilities, a/c ,tv .The site is located in  a rural surrounding  with plenty of fruit trees in the  yard' vines, pet-corner. Home made breakfast offered. Help with touring information and discounts.( Languages English, French, Spanish).

Address: Sharona Village - Lower Galilee

Ohn-bar Guesthouse  - Guest House & Holistic Activities

Situated in Moshav Amirim – a vegetarian and vegan village, in the hills of Upper Galilee, on a hill facing the Galilee, Lake Kinneret and the Golan Heights. Wooden cabins, wood suites and guest units – each one different with its individual qualities – face the brilliance of the dawn's sunrise or evening's glorious scarlet sunsets.

Address: Amirim - Upper Galilee

Roses Garden - Guest house

Gan-Vradim offers two natural stone houses in one of the most spectacular locations in Amirim; on the edge of the village - where one can find maximum privacy and quite. The artistic decoration of the place is related to the nature around, and the house is being kept in a harmonious way between man and earth. Our guest will feel it in the Mediterranean garden around the house, in the natural Spa products and in the pure water.

Address: Amirim - Upper Galilee

Smadar in Clil  - Guest House

Three log cabins and a dairy vegetarian restaurant  scattered on the slop of Western Galilee mountains in Clil. Spectacular  view to the sea

Each one of the cabins is privately located and comfortably furnished. In the restaurant we serve rich and notorious  meals: freshly squeezed organic orchard juices, whole wheat breads selected goat cheeses,  home made pasta, soups and refreshing salads seasoned with herbs picked in the garden

Address: Moshav Clil - Western Galilee

Rosheen's Guest House  - Guest house

Two comfortable guesthouses in Clil, an ecological village in the Western Galilee. The guesthouses, each with a beautiful porch overlooking a lovely garden, are powered by solar energy and are situated in a remote part of a village that insists on ecologically sound organic farming. The fact that pesticides and insecticides are not used in the entire region leads to high biodoversity in flora and fauna and exceptionally clean air. The people of Clil are committed to a program of replanting native species to replace the bush caused by years of fires and overgrazing.

Address: Moshav Clil - Western Galilee

Indigo - Guest House & Holistic Activities

Our zimmers are a part of the natural landscape and vegetation, planned in a mediteranian approach using natural and local materials, while putting an effort on insolation in order to save energy, all the water are recycled  and used for the garden irrigation. Organic vegetables are being grown in order to make breakfast for the zimmerim, all the food home made fresh, healthy and locally grown

Address: Mizpe Abirim - Western Galilee

The Natural House - Luxurious rooms

2 spectacular cabins in an ancient stone house with an enchanted garden, dwell in Ein Karem on the slopes of Jerusalem Forest.

Address: Ein Karem - Jerusalem Area

Nir Oz - Ecological Garden &Guest Houses

GREEN POINT ecological garden project, which was founded in Nir Oz By Mr. Ran Pauker is a leading project which turn shade less desert into an “Ecological sound water-wise oasis”. Along with the garden you can find country style guest housing fully furnished and welcoming place.

Address: Kibutz Nir oz - Western Negev

Zimmerbus - Guided Tours Rrestaurant and Aaccommodation

The Zimmerbus are a series of three different types of buses that were recycled into the most amazing environmental friendly zimmers for guests. They are situated in the midst of the most unique village in the Israeli Negev the village of Ezuz
Address Mitzpe Ezuz- Central Negev

Matnat Midbar- ecological-tourist farm

Matnat Midbar (in Hebrew: desert gift), is an ecological-tourist farm, which offers vegetarian meals, guest cabins, tent hosting and guided tours for groups.
Address: Halutza - Central Negev

Boker Valley Vineyards - Farms, restaurant and accommodations

The Boker Valley Vineyards Farm has been established in early 1999 by Moshe & Hilda Zohar and held as a privet own farms, part of a unique project in the Negev region. The farm provide wide range of accommodation, farming activities and horse ride activities...
Address:  Near Sde bocker - Central Negev

Orlya - Aaccommodation and Holistic Activity

Orlya is located 5 km from Midreshet Ben Gurion. The typically dry and warm climate in the area offers magnificent starry nights during the summer when you can relish the warm desert breeze. In winter you can enjoy our heated cottages and indulge yourself with a steaming cup of your delicious herbal tea. Come and visit our special ecologically designed cottages. Built and designed with special attention to environmental preservation. Our cottages include ecologically - friendly toilets (not chemical) No parking or driving near the cottages. Access is by a short stroll
Address:  Midreshet Ben Gurion- Central Negev

Lotan Center - Guided tours, accommodation &activities

A green oasis a cooperative community whose mission is to integrate principles of progressive Judaism with ecological awareness.

We offer: 20 guest house rooms, eco seminars and workshops, holistic center and “watsu” shiatsu in water, eco park – ecology center for green building, organic gardening and ecoart. Ornithology center in autumn and spring, desert tours

Address- kibbutz lotan - Arava

Arava Paradise- Guest House

'Arava Paradise' offers 11 beautiful cabins within a botanic garden – an oasis of peacefulness and quiet. The site was established and is operated according to ecological thinking and principles (and so is 'Hazeva' - the settlement where the site is located). Black water are purified and flow to the dates' plantation; grey water are purified and go to the nearby garden; cleaning and spa products are environmental friendly; and vegetation shadows the rooms, thereby providing natural cooling and saving energy

Address- Moshav Hazeva - Arava

Yaarat hadvash - Accommodation

Honeycomb' in Hazeva offers 3  country cabins, beehive and and a groove of olive, date and beauty trees, adapted to the dry weather of the Arava Valley. You are more then welcome to enjoy the cabins and our products (many kinds of honey, olive oil etc.)

Address: Moshav Hazeva - Arava

Desert Days - Ecological house & art workshops

Weekend at "Desert Days": living in an earth hut, eating by the fire, walking in the desert "next to your house", building and creating with earth. We invite our gusts to come Thursday afternoon till suterday afternoon, to a dublle hut which fits 2 famillies who want to be together

Address: Tzukim - Arava

Home Stay

Land of Galilee - Home stay, trips & ecological activities

we offer special eco tours (also for pilgrims) by foot, bicycles or horses, to the lower Galilee including home stay in local families with home made food. We also offer ecological activities, such as organic gardening & mud/adobe building.


Address - Kfar Kish - Lower Galilee

Organic Farms & Camping Sites

Back to Nature via the Bible - Guided tours, accommodation, restaurant & holistic activities.

"Back to Nature via the Bible" is an ecological biblical village located atop Mt. Camun, within the spectacular scenery of the Galilee. It is a special place where you can go back in time to the days of our forefathers, to the days of the bible. All of one's senses are put to use during the fascinating visit to the biblical village. The scents of medicinal plants and herbs, the tastes of bread and hyssop baked in the clay oven and the beautiful vistas of the Galilee.

Address: Mitzpe Machmanim - Western Galilee

Mountain of jackals - Organic farms Animal's activities & Art activities

Mountains of Jackals farm located  inside the Mediterranean wood, on the slopes of Shokef mountain, In the Carmel. In this ecotouristic farm you can find organic spices and vegetables, natural pools, big tent and hammocks. Mud oven for cooking and baking, solar lighting system, building from natural and recycled materials. You can enjoy the courses and workshop in the farm where everything works during constant observation.

Address - Beit Oren - Carmel Forests

Abundance Grove - Holistic activity, guided tours and camping  

This is a Center for Ecologic insights, a magical and special way to nature. The place located in the slopes of the Carmel mountain north of Zichron Yaakov right near Kerem Maharal. There is natural bower, old oak trees, orchard, natural pool, old wine press, ecologic toilets, shower in the thicket, a place to cook, organic olive grove and a place for group openwork

Address:  Kerem Maharal - Mt. Carmel

Yesh Me'ain- Eco-educational farm 

since we are a permaculture farm every aspect of our living is practical sustainability: recycle, compost, reuse, barter and exchange, grey water, organic gardening and eco-building are the subjects of our courses, workshops and tours.

Address:  Moshave Nahalal - Izrael Valley

Beerotayim - Guest House

Beerotayim Ecotourism Center is a leading Israeli tourist company that offers adventure tours in the Israeli Negev Desert    


Address: Mitzpe Ezuz - Western Negev

Ras Hashita - Accommodation, guided tours and activities

The touristic complex, which puts special attention to nature preservation, is composed of two sites offering accommodation and authentic dessert experience. The sites are designed and built in an (ecologic-integrated approach with the desert. We offer accommodation in rooms and huts, as well as a large variety of tours, guidance, and body & mind workshops.

Address: Moshav Hatzeva - Arava

Yarok Az - camping, guided tours and farming activities

A touristy goat pen and a boutique dairy. The entire farm area is planned according to permaculture principles. The milking plant and the dairy's water are recycled by a wetland to irrigate the vegetables garden. There is compost, compost toilet and a recycling corner. All dairy products are stored in glass that is reused. Local people's products are soled. Camping services, including kitchen, are offered . In the future, a visitors center and a Galilean authentiuqe inn will be built with local soil and stone.

Address: Ilania - Lower Galilee

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